I am Utkarsh bhatt, a Art Director, Graphic Designer and, I am owner of Caracal Eye Company. I love camera and shooting. So, I decided to travel and explore new places, because travelling is kind of a freedom, where you can go anywhere, you can do anything and you can learn something new from different places.

That’s why I decided to start my own Blog and Vlog together so that I can show you the world through my eyes.I am also going to tell you some new facts through my experience and in this blog I am also introducing my best friend Anjali who lives in Jaipur, known as pink city. And she going to be my blogger.

We guy’s going to start new chapter of our journey, where we going to learn about new culture, some delicious food and different style of clothes & languages and their living standard. In short we are going to explore each and everything.

You guys can also read about different places in our blog and visualize them through our Vlog.

So guys stay tune with us on our youtube channel and you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. I hope you guys going to love our page and please don’t forget to subscribe our World Glance Youtube Channel.

Utkarsh Bhatt ukb

I’m Anjali, a Writer, Traveller and Blogger. I always want to see the world through my eyes. I am so much curious to know more about this beautiful and awesome world. My native home is Uttarakhand but now I live in Jaipur, since my childhood, I was very fond of traveling, so my best friend and I decided to travel the world together and explore.

I decided to travel so that, I got inspire from my journey to this world and enjoy the freedom. So far I have traveled in many places such as in India, Jaipur, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Himachal, Ajmer & Pushkar Etc. I like to know more about places and there histories, culture, customs, foods and many more.

So Guys, keep following World Glance and explore the world with us.


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