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Blog 2: Jaipur to Rishikesh

Day 1

Hey guys, I am Anjali Bhoj and today I am so excited, because i am traveling to Rishikesh. My bus is about to aboard around 12 AM. It’s a Night journey, and I am going to have a lot of fun in this trip. I already packed my Baggage, and now I am about to leave from Jaipur.

I am in Bus, and its about to departure from Jaipur. Right now it’s 12:05 AM and my journey begins. Now I am going to listening some soft music and have sleep.

My Baggage

Good Morning Guys, its 7 AM and right now I am in Delhi and heading towards Uttarakhand. I am going to reach Uttarakhand by 4 PM. Till then I am going to enjoy my Music and looking outside the window and enjoying the natural beauty and scenery.

World Glance With Utkarsh
The Natural Beauty and Scenery
Its 2 PM and I entered Uttarakhand. After few hours, I am going to be in my hotel. I can’t wait to explore, and I am already excited.
Now I am in Hotel and I am going to freshen up. Now Its 7 PM, I am going out from my hotel and going towards, main Rishikesh market and ganga ghat.

Actually, I loved this place because the beauty of nature and In my childhood I frequently, came here with my parents. There is little bit cold, and Ganga water is very Chilly. I can see the mountain’s where i really want to go but I can’t because i am short of time. The speciality of this place is that, its very quit and peace full. Every evening in Rishikesh, all the priest convene and start Ganga Arti while facing gang in front of them and all the priest is holding arti stand. It’s so beautiful, everything is in sequence and every one chanting mantra’s. And you can also feel that ganga is also taking part in this chantting and the orange shade making ganga river more beautiful. Even foreigner’s also chanting mantra’s.

Ganga Arti World Glance With Utkarsh
Ganga Aarti
I also participated in this Ganga arti and chanting mantra’s, even i lighten up diya and make it float in ganga river and i also make wish.
After Ganga Arti, I went to local market of Rishikesh, where I find some handicraft shops. I buy my self a ring and some apparel from that local market. Laxman jhula is also there, well it’s a bridge but it shakes little bit, that’s why we call that Laxman Jhula because its build by Laxman.
Laxman Jhula

After crossing laxman Jhula, I found ashram’s, and yoga centre’s. Most of the people stay there to learn yoga, and most of them came rishikesh to have some peace from there daily routine.

Rishikesh is also known as water sports place. Here people came for a river rafting, tracking, climbing and many more sports game.

Rever rafting_activity World Glance With Utkarsh
River Rafting

Now its’ 9:30 PM and I am heading towards my hotel, then I’ll have dinner and then I ll Take some sleep, because tomorrow I am going Haridwar for a Ganga Snan.

Day 2:

Good Morning guy’s, Now it’s another beautiful day. Today I am going to Haridwar to have a Ganga snan. Most people believes that after having a Ganga snan, not body but our soul become pure and it also cure our negative vibe’s into positive Vibe’s.

Laxman Bridge World Glance With Utkarsh

Now I am in bus and going towards Haridwar. Actually, its really hot here in Haridwar but the ganga river temperature is still Chilly.

Now i am going to have Ganga snan, yeah, I am so much excited, and I am shivering and seriously guy’s its really cold there. But once a time, we all should try to have this because its awesome.
Now I changed my cloths and heading towards Haridwar market where I am going to buy some prasad for myself and i am going to have some holy water from ganga river.
So, it’s time to say goodbye to this small and sweet journey of mine, because its time to leave from this beautiful place to Jaipur. And I am not feeling excited to go back to my routine schedule. I want to stay more and have some fun, but I have time shortage.
Now I am in Bus stand and it’s about to aboard. I am not excited anymore because I am leaving this place.
So, this is Anjali, and stay tune with me on World Glance and i am going to see you soon with my next blog and very soon I am going to tell you some more facts. If you want to know more about Rishikesh and you have any kind of quires, then comment below.
World Glance With Utkarsh

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