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Blog 5: Jaipur - Ek Gulabi shahar (Part 2)

Hello friends…….

We are Anjali and Utkarsh

Welcome Back to our 5th Blog…….. Jaipur: Ek Gulabi Shahar (Part 2)

In the previous blog you read how Jaipur was named, why is Jaipur called Pink City and about some Famous places of Jaipur…….


You will know about the places in Jaipur that people know a little bit…….

Yes, unknown places also included in this blog. So that, if you come to visit Jaipur then you must also see them too, So that you can keep the beauty of this place in your mind and you can reconcile some beautiful scenes with it.

Jaipur is a pink city that boasts many of its historical, traditional and adventurous forms.

Now let’s talk about some non famous place which you haven’t heard from others like Garh Ganesh, Galtaji or Galta Monkey Temple, Birla Temple, Moti Dungri, Kholke hanuman ji, Raj Mandir, OLD City Bazaar, Chowki dhani, Wildlife Safari.

Let’s start with Garh Ganesh….

Garh Ganesh – Vigra Purushakriti (Without Trunk)

Now Let’s start our tour with Shree Ganesh Temple……. Garh Ganesh


In Jaipur City, there is one beautiful place where we must visit….. Name is Garh Ganesh Its one of the temple where Lord Ganesha is the only idol where you can find the child eidolon of Shree ganesh. Its Very attractive (mind-blowing) idol in appearance, this temple was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II on the Aravali Hills.

Gardh-ganesh World Glance With Utkarsh
Garh Ganesh

Do you know . . . . why was this temple built?

It is assumed that when Maharaja Sawai Jai ​​Singh II was establishing the city of Jaipur city, before that he organised the “Ashwamegh Yagya”. In that period, he built this temple and he could see this temple from his “Chandra Mahal”.

Even Localities of jaipur came early in the morning to this temple for shree Ganesh Darshan.

Galtaji – Monkey Temple

Monkey-Temple-in-Jaipur World Glance With Utkarsh
Garh Ganesh

After seeing Lord Ganesha’s famous temple, we are now going to another temple, Galtaji – the monkey temple.

It is also a very famous temple of Jaipur and its quite large. This temple is also called Monkey Temple, because there are many monkeys in this area.

This temple was built by Diwan Rao Kruparam in 18 century who was the courtier of Sawai Jai Singh II. Even, two Kunds have also been built in this temple. At the time of Savaan (Monsoon) , all devotees and tourists come here to take a bath (Snan).

This temple is surrounded by the hills of Aravali, and it has been built through pink stone’s and even you can see some artistry on their walls.

Do you know guys. . . . how this temple named Galtaji?

Well, the localite’s of jaipur believe that Saint Galav ji did penance (Tapasya) for 100 years, due to which god blessed him with this place that would be worshiped by his name and at the same time the water here would be sacred. 

Perhaps with this recognition, people come here to dine in deep distances. This temple is named after Galtaji in the name of Galav.

Raj Mandir – Abhinay ka chalchitra

Some new things came to know about Galta ji and as well as their philosophies. Now we go ahead towards Raj Mandir, it is also known as one of the famous of Jaipur.

There is also a Reason for it. . . .”

Raj Mandir, is the Asia’s first and largest cinema hall in Jaipur to be seen. While still many Hindi cinema movies are premiered here. This cinema hall have been doing great entertainment in the same way as in the beginning.

It was established by W.N Namjoshi in 1976. A lot of films were released from this theater in that time. Since then, the theater has become quite famous.

Rajmandir World Glance With Utkarsh
Raj Mandir

Well…… this Raj Mandir is attracted from outside as much as it is from inside. The design of this cinema is like the Streamline Morden and its interior is also opulent in appearance.

So friends, come to this theater and you can see the Royal Theater of Old Times. Even today it is as famous as it used to be before.

“So Guys Ek movie to banti hai Raj Mandir main 😉 ”

Old City Bazaar – Gulabi bajar

After knowing about the historical movie theater in jaipur. Let’s move towards Old City Bazaar of Jaipur.

“It’s time for Shopping. . . .”

jaipurOld bazar World Glance With Utkarsh
Old City Bazaar

Well this market of Jaipur is famous for the buyer’s and the tourists make a lot of purchases from here. This market is so famous because from here you can purchase Jaipuri prints clothes (Ethnic) and here there are quite a lot of brands.

This market is very famous as there are many small shops here and even these shops are painted with Terracotta Pink Color, so all the shops seem like the same.

The market of Jaipur are divided into a lot, like Bapu Bazaar, Kishan pole Bazaar, Chaura Rasta, Sanjay Bazaar, Johri Bazaar, Choti Chaupar, Badi chaupar and Nehru Bazaar.

Old Bazar Jaipur World Glance With Utkarsh

Every place is different in itself, because in some places you will see the ethnic and western clothing shop, you will also find some books shops, and in some places you will also find jewelry shops. In Short, you can buy all kinds of things from here.


So, Jaipur is also a best place for a shopping of ethnic clothes and jewelry especially from this old city bazaar.

Birla Temple – Hari Laxmi mandir

After Shopping from this old market of jaipur city, let’s move forward to another famous temple, which itself is a centre of attraction of Jaipur.

This whole temple is made with a finest quality of white marble. It was built in 1985 and this temple was built by the owner or a businessman of the famous Birla Group of Industries.

In this temple, Narayan and his wife, Lakshmi (The goddess of wealth), are established, hence this temple is also known as Lakshmi Narayan. This temple is a modern architectural wonders which is surrounded by lush green gardens, and there are 3 huge doors to go inside this temple.

Birla Temple - Hari Laxmi mandir World Glance With Utkarsh
Birla Temple

The idol of Laksmi Narayan ji is very attractive and is going to wreak Mann. You guys will also find other Gods artifacts in this temple, even all the religions will be seen outside walls of the temple, like Buddha, Christ, etc.

When the lights are lit all around, this temple seem to be attracted in the night. This temple of Marble emerge’s and looks mesmerising Who easily wink the eyes.

Moti Dungri – Bapaa Mandir

Another honorable temple near the Birle temple is Moti Dungari, which is also known as Ganesh Temple.

Moti Dungri Jaipur World Glance With Utkarsh
Moti Dungri

This temple was established in 1761, by Seth Jai Ram Pallival who was accompanying Maharaja Sawai Madho singh I, this temple is very famous and also known as one of the tourist place.

This temple has a statue of Lord Ganesh, which is at least 500 years old. Near to this temple you can also find some more temple like Lord Durga and Lord Hanuman.

“Do you know. . .  why it is called Moti Dungari Temple . . . ?”

Its true realization is that, this temple is built on the hills of Moti Dungari, thats why this temple is famous as the Moti Dungari Temple.

In this temple, the idol of Ganesha is painted in the color of the vermillion and for the sake of its vision, the people’s came here every day. This temple is especially filled with many devotees, where there is less space for footing.

Coming to this place seems like we have come to a holy pilgrimage place, Because the sounds and aarti of the bells goes everywhere. In short, this place is a mini holy pilgrimage site of Jaipur.

Chokhi dhani – 5 sitara village resort

Chokhi Dhani World Glance With Utkarsh
Chokhi Dhani

Reflecting Rajasthani culture, this village resorts is close to the Jaipur city ….. feel the seclusion experience.

The most unfortunate thing in this resort is that here you can see the state’s flashes with all types of Rajasthani culture as well.

A lot of activities are done in this resort such as Elephant Safari, Camel Riding and Many More Fun Activities. Here, you can also enjoy Rajasthani Dance, Magic Show and puppet Show.

Now we talk about the famous food of Rajasthan, known as Dal Bati Churma. This Food is very tasty. Rajasthan is very well known for spicy food, but we are talking about Rajasthani thali.

“Yes…….Rajasthani Thali”

In this Thali (plate), there is Dal, Baati (which is full of ghee), Churma (dessert) along with Rajasthani Kadhi, Besan Gatte ki sabji, Aaloo pyaj ki sabji, mirchi ke tapore, Khichdi that too with ghee and sugar, kheer, Chapati (Bread).

Rajasthani thali Chowki dhani Jaipur World Glance With Utkarsh
Rajasthani thali

After seeing all this tasty food, water in the mouth will definitely come. :p

And the accompanying waiters, wearing dhoti, kurta and Pagdi (turban), with smile and serve food with their own hands.

This place is very good to spend the evening. So come here and enjoy the atmosphere.

Khole ke Hanuman Ji – Sankat Mochan

Now we are heading towards Khol ke hanuman ji…………..

This huge temple of Jaipur belongs to Shri Ram Lord Param bhakt Sankat mochan Hanuman. Jaipur is also very famous, because here there is also a famous temple with ancient buildings. One of which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

kholke hanuman ji World Glance With Utkarsh
kholke hanuman ji

Due to the fear of wild animals in the deserted channel and hills in the lakes of the eastern hills of the city in the 60s, the inhabitants of the city could not even move here. Then a brave Brahmin turned to this deserted place and discovered the huge idol of Hanumanji lying on the mountain here.

This temple was discovered by Brahmin Radheelal Choubey, he was the supreme devotee of Lord Hanuman. He gave a new identity to this temple by his devotion and worship.

Even today in this temple people come here with devotion. More often than, here on Tuesday and Saturday, the call of the devotees arises. Here many devotees organize the Mahabhoja after fulfilling their desires.

Apart from the main three-storey temple of Lord Hanuman, it is also the temple of Lord Thakur (Krishna), Lord Ganesh, Rishi Valmiki, Gayatri maa and there has a grand temple of  Shree ram darbar (levee).

There is a statue of Raghunandan Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrugan in Shri Ram Darbar (levee). Even the walls and mirrors are decorated with attractive paintings.

So guys, will have the philosophy of “Sankat mochan Mahabali Hanuman” and from our side, we wish you all your wishes are fulfilled.

Wildlife safari – World of animals

Now we are moving closer to nature …………

Who does not like to do adventure and move close towards the Nature. We are talking about wildlife safari, in Jaipur, there is a place where wildlife safari happen.

Wildlife Safari is done in the forest near Jhalana Dungari. During this safari, there is a chance to know more about the animal and see them from close like Leopard, Striped Hyena, Desert Fox, Golden Jackal, Chital, Indian Palm Civets etc.

Even during this safari, you can see the people living in nearby villages and you can see there life style. This few hour safari you may also explore the dessert.

A lot of activities are also done here like tracking, climbing, rope climbing, Zip-line etc.

Along with nature, with creatures and some exciting activity, you guys will surely enjoy and will take some good memories with you.

Wildlife safari
Wildlife safari

It was our visit to Jaipur from our side, how do you feel please let us know you can also comment below.

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If you didn’t read our previous blog, then you can read that Blog 4: Jaipur – Ek Gulabi shahar too.

And………stay tune with us, because Jaipur is the majestical state of Rajputana, and there is lot more about Rajasthan, INDIA.

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